Puppy training with the Clicker at your home

Clicker training

Clicker Training has become one of the most popular training tools for behaviorists and trainers worldwide because it is such an effective method of communicating with your pet.

The Clicker is a small box with a metal flap that you can push down, creating the unique clicking sound that marks a desired behavior. It is a positive reinforcement training method that is combined with things like food or toys to encourage your pet to perform the desired action or behaviour. The click sound of the clicker is a neutral stimulus that helps the animal to quickly recognize the action that will result in the animal getting a treat. Through operant conditioning, a connection is made between behaviour and a consequence for that behaviour. Behaviour that is reinforced is more likely to reoccur, making training easy and fun for you and your dog.

Training a dog with a Clicker is fun for both dog and owner because it is not overshadowed by punishment that leads to fear and pain.

The usual dog training of the old days often ended with frightened dogs that had given up or were very reactive. New Age training helps you to build a bond with your dog so that learning can take place without fear and pain.

Training fee plus 1 clicker: ca.1 hour 35,- €