My book “Gimme one…”

book_enYellow and Kiko, two Labrador dogs, move with their owner family from Zimbabwe to Uganda where they find themselves confronted with new surroundings and with them, plenty of new challenges. Street dogs don’t make it easy for Yellow and Kiko to settle into their new environment. Yet, when they find a half-dead puppy, left to die in a plastic bag in the street, they quickly find themselves in the role of protectors. After some difficult beginnings, they experience many adventurous and beautiful moments together. And just as Yellow’s health deteriorates, the group receives an addition to the family…

As seen through the eyes of her four dogs, and with a heart full of love, Barbara Schroeter tells of the exciting times in Uganda: Years overshadowed by street dogfights, illnesses and other adversities to the point of heavy losses. The author portrays true stories from the life of her family in Uganda and, at the same time, depicts the brutality in which dogs in this country are generally held and treated.

2010  Summertime Publishing Amazon
Gimme one … A Ugandan Dog Diary