Puppy training

The arrival of a dog child is an exciting event, not only for the clumsy puppy, but also for the expectant dog parents. Of course, they want to do everything right from the start, which sometimes doesn’t work out the way they imagine.

Accompanying a dog’s child is a demanding job. When your puppy moves in with you, it will likely be around eight weeks old. He misses his mom and siblings. He has to find his place in the new family and above all needs your empathy, understanding and help, and asks with his gaze, “What do I have to do?” “Where is my place?” It is not always easy right away to understand the language of your new fur child, and I would be happy to share my many years of knowledge with you if you need an interpreter.

Learning is an ongoing process throughout the dog’s entire life, which is important to know, because this saves the little cuddle the widespread socialization marathon, so that he can experience as many situations as possible within the first 16 weeks.

You will learn your dog’s language, which you will need to help your puppy grow up to be the best dog he can be. 😉

Consultation fee including clicker training and one clicker 35,-€

Travel costs: € 0.30 per km