• 2011-2012-Advanced Certificate of Canine Behaviour and Training from the UK based Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE )
  • 2013- Tellington TTouch Seminar with Lindi Decker at Barking Mad SA
  • 2012-2014-Advanced Diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour & Training – COAPE
  • 2014-2018-frequent talks with “Coape SA” and “Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa”

Advanced Training

  • 2021-certificate of competence according to Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act
2020 -Stay @ Home Online Dog Congress
2020 - Online Dog Congress
2021- Webinar "Beloved gray snout" - about living together with senior dogs with Maria Rehberger (Easy Dogs)
2021- Webinar "I see it differently, don't let anything persuade you!" with Rolf C. Frank (blue dog)
2021 Webinar Scared Dog? Background and treatment options with Dr. Lara Steinhoff (Paw Academy)
2021- Webinar Myths of Human-Dog Bonding, with Dr. Iris Schöberl
2021-Excessive and Abnormally Repetitive Behavior on Animal Training, TV. with Dr. Ute Blascke-Berthold
2021-Special aspects when training puppies on animal training. TV. with Viviane Theby and Katja Frey
2021- Webinar Genetics, Behavior, Character Traits with Dr. Barbara Schöning